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Boyd’s ‘Miracle Van’
moves me to think

Bowie County Life/Texarkana Gazette, May 6, 2009
by Pam Kumpe

It’s time for the story of the “Miracle Van.”

It all started one weekend last November when singer William Boyd Chisum held a concert in Brighton, Mo., at Brighton Highway Assembly of God.

As Boyd and his crew drove to their destination, he mentioned to his friend, Steve Oglesby, that God was nudging him to give his book “Chasing The Wind” away at the concert. Boyd’s wife, Nena, encouraged him to follow God’s leading and to see what God was up to.

Once they arrived at the church, Steve made an announcement regarding Boyd’s music CDs and the free books to anyone who couldn’t afford a copy.

After the service, members Bruce and Twyla Menzies stopped off at the product table to buy some items and support Boyd’s ministry. By the time Boyd talked with Twyla, she’d already purchased a copy of every one of his CDs and was running back into the building with her cash.

He handed her a signed copy of his book telling her, “May it bless your life and if it does, please share it with others.”

Twyla told Boyd that the pages of his story were inspiring her to take on a project just for him, and that this project would give Boyd a chance to travel pain free to all of his future engagements.

She set the plan into motion and discussed it with her brother Ray Greer. He began the search for a van, and talked with the owner of a car dealership, a Mr. Felts who dropped his asking price on a van from $5,500 to $4,000.

Then, through e-mails, personal appeals, letters to Boyd’s fan club members and a “Van Project Offering” taken up at Brighton Highway Assembly Of God Church, a whopping $4,005 was raised in 14 days.

But wait, the van was in Missouri and Boyd lived in Mesquite, Texas. However, it seems God had all that worked out as well, because another couple, David and Lona Walker, stopped by the Menzies’ house on their way to an evening appointment.

Of course, Twyla shared the van project with them and as God’s timing would have it, Boyd phoned their house. Twyla put Boyd on the speaker phone, and he shared his testimony and how for the rest of my life he’ll serve God no matter what tomorrow brings, with or without a van.

Then, David who was listening, announced, “I have a car hauler and I’m going to Dallas to pick up some vehicles in March and April, and the car hauler will be empty on the way down. So I can bring the van to you.”

That’s right. Not only did God bring provide a miracle, and a host of other “timely God connections,” but God delivered this “Miracle Van” right to Boyd’s door step.

Isn’t it amazing how God had all the details worked out and how he honored Boyd’s response to give away books. The blessing Boyd received in return began with one act of obedience, followed by a number of other people who were listening to that still small voice of God, too.

As Twyla puts it, “Boyd’s gift brought a CONVERSION VAN his way!”

As I look a back over the chain of events in this story, I realize that it’s another great chapter in Boyd’s life, one I can learn from. I wonder, how many times has God asked me to give someone something only for me to toss aside the idea. Have I stopped listening for God’s voice. I hope not.

But often times, it’s like I live by the “Toddler’s Motto”—“What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is mine. Even If I gave it you a minute ago, it’s still mine.”

Well for Boyd and those wonderful folks he met along the way, they are the best. Their kindness has sparked something in me, and I want to have a giving attitude. I want to drop my toddler ways, and adopt the scripture from Acts 20:35 where it says, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.”

So what’s God asking you to do? And sare you willing to become a miracle for someone today? Or, are you still hanging onto the toddler’s motto? Well, I’m challenged and ready to grow up and listen to God. How about you?

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