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Gospel guitarist’s faith faith-strengthening

Bowie County Life/Texarkana Gazette, Aug 20, 2008
by Pam Kumpe

Will you be running laps in heaven? Well, I know a man who is in training for that heavenly Olympic position right now. It’s gospel singer and musician Boyd Chisum and he challenged me to get in shape spiritually after I heard his testimony last week.

He sang at the Gospel Singing at First Baptist Church in New Boston during Pioneer Days.

He said he is living proof that God makes life beautiful out of awful situations. As a baby, he was given a blood transfusion, only to receive the wrong blood type. When he was about 8 months old, his parents noticed his hips were not growing right, nor did they appear normal. Read More

A trip to the doctor and some tests revealed the transfusion had caused a severe defect in his body and it affected the bones in his hips. He began a series of operations, spending most of his childhood in the hospital.

An old guitar made its way into his hands and he discovered music. Whenever he would sing and play in the hospital room, the nurses would leave the call button on, so they could listen to Chisum sing.

So, yes, Chisum is walking proof that when your life is dedicated to God you can still sing. He has more metal in his legs and hips than actual bone, a result of more than 68 operations. But this hasn’t stopped him from singing.

Last year, Chisum performed at a concert in Oklahoma, and Marlene Pelt, a fellow Gospel singer and songwriter, told him about a song. She said the song was reminiscent of Chisum’s life, almost down to the exact words he uses during the telling of his testimony. “I may limp up to the gates, but I’ll run on the other side.”

Chisum eventually heard the song, written by songwriters Joey Kay and Paula Lett of Pell City, Ala. He believes God inspired them to write the song for him. He wanted to record their song, and waited to hear back from them.

A few weeks ago, Chisum held a concert at the church where Kay and Lett attend, and he sang “I’ll Run With You.” It only seemed appropriate to sing for the very two songwriters who unknowingly wrote a song about the life of someone they had never met before.

Chisum believes every single one of us will “limp up to the gates” of heaven in some form or fashion. He said we are all crippled in some way, physically or emotionally. That we all fall short of the glory of God.

On the other side, Chisum expects to run those Streets of Gold, for the simple act of running is something he has never done in his entire life. I must ask you the same thing. “Will I see you in heaven?” Heaven is very long time, so don’t miss out on the race of a lifetime. Come run with Chisum. Come run with me.

I can’t wait to see him running those laps around heaven, without a limp. I bet he comes in first place. Hey, I expect to come in second. I always wanted a silver medal, but there’s no doubt Chisum deserves the gold.

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