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Gospel Recording Artist - Inspirational Songwriter - International Author - Motivational Speaker

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William Boyd Chisum - By Request

William Boyd Chisum - I'll Run With You

William Boyd Chisum - Chasing The Wind

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William Boyd Chisum: By Request

I’ll Run With You

Special release single

In November 2007 singer/songwriter Marlene Pelt heard William Boyd Chisum's testimony. Boyd's testimony reminded her of a song she'd heard a couple years earlier written by Joel Kay and Paula Lett. While neither songwriter was interested in having anyone record “their song” at the moment, they were kind enough to speak with Boyd about the song. After hearing the song, Boyd knew God had inspired them to write the song for him, all he needed to do was to convince them of that.

Boyd sent both songwriters a copy of his book, “Chasing The Wind.” Two day's after receiving their books, Joey Kay called Boyd to say, “You were right. God must have had you on our hearts as we wrote the song for it had your finger prints all over it.” They gave Boyd permission to record it.

“I'll Run With You” tells the story of how we will all “limp up to the gates” but we will run on the other side. We are all crippled in some way physically or emotionally because we all fall short of the Gory of God. I envision in my mind an enormous pile of wheelchairs, canes, walkers, braces hearing aids, canes for the blind and list goes on and on. They will be left outside the gates because when we “run” through we will have a new and glorious body free of pain and all the earthly restrictions that held us back and caused us to limp up to those gates.

“Having had a life time of surgeries, there is one thing I have never been able to do,” says Boyd. “Oh I've seen myself accomplish this simple task millions of times in my dreams, but the ability to do so will always escape me here on this side of time. But, on the other side of time I will run those streets of gold as they have never been run before. You see, the debt we might feel this world owes us. Well, it will All be settled there.”

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